Thursday, December 2, 2010

RUSA Permanent Locations Map

Check out this Google Map. It shows the locations of all RUSA Permanents by city and state. A tutorial and the live map are here rusa-perms-html on the RUSA website:

The project is presently in has completed a beta test phase. I am asking for corrections to any city/state locations. Please let me know anything that needs to be updated.

The idea for this project germinated earlier this year when I was scheming for a business trip to California. Always the restless multi-tasker, I considered riding a perm while I was there. I searched on the RUSA website which lists perms by state, but the search was tedious because I don't know the locations of most towns in California. I got frustrated and knew we needed an online map. I proposed it to the RUSA movers and shakers, and this is the result.

I didn't get to California, but I'm ready for the next opportunity.

I hope others find it useful too.


YungFalbz said...

Thanks Andy! This will be very useful as I slowly make my way to a brevet in every state...that currently has a brevet. ;-)

Great job!

bullcitybiker said...

Amazing work, Andy. Thanks!

John P said...

Awesome work. Thanks for doing this.

Sara Huston said...

This is awesome!

dean furbish said...

With your RUSA Blog listing and now the RUSA Permanent Locations Map --- you've done a great service for all RUSA members and those who like keeping up with happenings in our sport! Thanks, Sagittandy!