Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stupid Car Tricks

I've learned two variations on the 'right hook' recently.

In the photo at left, behold the 'Two Lane Right Hook'.

Today I approached an intersection in a bike lane.  In my mirror, I saw a car approaching in the adjacent lane with right turn signal flashing.  I got ready for a typical right hook.  Instead, the car first revved and accelerated abruptly into the next lane.  Then it executed the right hook across two lanes.  At full speed.  Fastest I've ever seen.  In the dark.  Amazing.  (I'm sure it surprised the car driver tailgating him too.)

In the photo at right, behold the 'Right Hook U-Turn'.

Earlier this summer, I approached an intersection on a quiet two-lane country road in a heavily wooded area.  I saw a car coming with turn signal going, and he right-hooked me without incident.  However, as soon as he turned, he spotted a 'road closed' barricade on the side street.  Without slowing, the driver made a u-turn and proceeded back out onto the main road.  Directly toward me.  He absolutely did not see me.  His eyes went wide with surprise as I screamed 'stop stop' 3-4 times directly into his face through the open window as I hunkered down and turned tight left alongside him to avoid the t-bone.  When he finally stopped, his face was emotionless.  Drugs?  Or just clueless?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Spooky Dry Fog

Four randos rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200K today: Jayjay, Mike O, Biker Bob, and me. Gorgeous weather, totally unseasonal for October. Pleasant traffic. Only one two pesky flats.

Click the photo at left to see the lifting spooky dry fog which had lasted three hours this morning. Very Halloween. Photo at right is Mike, Jayjay, and Bob.

 Great day on the bikes.