Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bikes with Baskets

I love my basket (first photo).  It's really convenient on long rides.  I eat more food when it is in easy reach.  I stash gloves there when I fiddle with a camera or zippers.  I also haul things which I purchase on my commute.  (I pass a new Lowe's!)  It's like a handlebar bag, only more flexible.

I rescued mine from an old beach cruiser bike, after my riding buddy Jayjay raved about enjoying the basket on a bike she borrowed.
Apparently I am not the only one.  I spotted this photo of west coast rando Oliver with a basket (photo 2).  It looks like he is carrying a nice bag in it.

(Thanks to Rando Lynne for her photo of Oliver )

East coast rando Paul has two baskets, one in front and one in back (photo 3).  The original "BasketBoy".  And it looks like bungee cords to hold things in place.  Very nice.

(Thanks to Rando Bill for his photo of Paul )

Best of all, baskets are a perfect place to hang Christmas lights (final photo).  'Tis the season.  Start decorating now.

Update Nov 24, 2011:  Here is another rando bike with basket from Alaska on [MG's blog  With Christmas lights too.  Sweet!

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Oliver said...

That's the Rivendell Shopsack in a Wald 137 basket mounted to a Nitto M12 rack with zip-ties. It's a solid system that's seen a couple of 200ks and a lot of shorter rides. The bag is great (waxed canvas, tough zipper, clips to basket) but a grocery-store tote bag will work too.