Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I hate curbs and gutters

The only time I have fallen off a bike as an adult was when I got buzzed by a car on a 45mph two-lane road with curbs and gutters.  As I squeezed to the side, my pedal tip hit the curb and down I went.

Then yesterday on my commute home, I was climbing a hill where the road narrows with curbs and gutters when I spotted tiny broken glass shards from two big bottles sprayed everywhere.  Of course an urgent auto peleton arrived at the same time.  I was stuck rolling through the glass.  Arrgh.

I went back the next day and swept up the remaining shards.

Disabled cars block travel lanes because of curbs too.  Could we save tax dollars by foregoing these?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bike maintenance, part 2

After my pricey Specialized Armadillo rear tire delaminated, I sprung for an even-more-pricey Continental Hardshell.  We'll see...

I also found an inexpensive new freewheel at REI.  Score.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bike Maintenance

Once in a while, the cause of a puncture is really easy to find.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morning Chores

A great way to start the day:
- Bike to the beach
- Watch the sun rising
- Swim in the ocean
- Hula-hoop with friends
Then go to work.

Click here for a few [photos]

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Belmar-Princeton-Belmar 200K

I rode the BPB 200K permanent yesterday, a 129 mile loop in central New Jersey connecting Belmar, New Egypt, Pemberton, Princeton, and back.

Many thanks to Rando Paul for creating this new permanent.  It follows the same route as his Princeton-Belmar-Princeton permanent, but starts at the east end in Belmar.  This is extremely convenient for me, since we usually stay near Belmar when we are in NJ.  I biked to the start and avoided lots of car driving.

And...  I got to swim in the ocean after the ride.  Woot!

Weather was incredible (the local heat wave broke), traffic was cordial (only one buzz), no mechanicals, no dogs (the only two dogs I heard were fenced), and navigation was automatic (I know the route).  The wind did kick up like crazy the last 40 miles, but it brought the barn smell from the finish.

Two good tidbits:  The worst section of pavement on West Farm Rd has been repaved since last I rode, and is now smooth as glass.  I discovered that a Home Depot can serve as a great rest stop: a secure place to lock bikes, clean bathrooms, ice cold water fountains, and the cheapest bottles of Powerade at every cashier.

Enjoy scads of photos with lots more details in captions.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sag's Complete Blogging Guide

Do you remember the first blogger you read regularly?  And do you remember why?

About five years ago, I was searching for information about a music festival out west.  I found a blogger who wrote not only about that festival, but also several other activities I enjoyed.  From that blog-reading experience, here is my advice...

Be succinct.  The less you write, the more people read.  It caught my attention.

Make jokes.  My blogger was incredibly funny, sarcastic, and cutting.  It held my attention.

Be accurate.  My blogger was fastidious.  Don't guess.

Write well.  Write with a nice flow and good sense of timing.  Use an occassional big word.

Mix it up.  While I discovered the blog for the music festival, my blogger also wrote about other topics.  Some matched my hobbies, some did not.  But all were interesting.

Write with zest.  Share your excitement.  Encourage others.  Warn about hazards.  Give tips.

Photos.  Add photos.  Write captions which continue the story.

Keep blogging.  Strangers are reading, enjoying, and being inspired.