Friday, January 20, 2012

Once a foamer, always a foamer

"Foamer" is a rude slang term for someone who likes trains.  The stereotype refers to social outcasts who snort and drool while taking photos of trains. [definitions]

I bike-commuted five times in the last two weeks, a recent record for me.  It's been cold.  One morning was 18 degrees F (-8 C).  Another morning was 22 F (-6 C).  But it was never quite cold enough to numb my subconscious urge to sprint to the track to take a photo when I heard the horn of an approaching train.

So on Monday, I heard the horn.  I barely fumbled a glove off and got the camera out, while still sprinting toward the gates, before the locomotive blew through the crossing.  Drat, a fuzzy photo.

Then, as I was reviewing the photo, and still coasting toward the gates, the end of the unusually short train zipped by.  Quick, another shot.  Double drat, a second fuzzy photo.  Arrgh.

A minute later as I resumed biking, I thought I felt frozen liquid covering my chin.   No, it couldn't be...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

RAAM 2010 Reunion on New Years Day

A great group of randos rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200 in eastern NC today, in absolutely gorgeous weather for January.  It was comfortably above freezing at the start, and it lingered in the 60s F throughout the afternoon.  There was 'some wind' which was great for the return trip.  My stomach absolutely did not want to ride today, but randos Yungfalbz and Jayjay graciously pulled and pushed me through the entire ride.

The highlight of the day was bumping into a large group of cyclists (perhaps 30?) at the Stedman checkpoint in the afternoon.  The group included RAAM finisher Mary and crew Tom and Jen.  A happy reunion ensued.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

PS: Do check out Yungfalbz's rad fenders the next time you see her bike.