Monday, July 11, 2011

Video Danger Panda

I have written in the past about 'Danger Panda' photos.  These are self-portrait photos taken while riding your bike.  The photos capture the moving bike with no hands on the handlebars.  A Flickr group has an active set of contributors who continuously invent clever ways to snap self-portraits.

Yet these are snapshots.  Still photos.  So 1830.

I was riding a solo 200K yesterday, and a grand vision appeared in my mind to take some danger pandas with the video camera.  I may have been half-bonked, but I had enough focus to realize it would 'raise the bar' in the Flickr group.  I was obsessed.  Out came the camera.  Here is my contribution:  [Video]

Let's follow the Flickr group over time to see if the idea flourishes or flops...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carthage Coffee Run 200K

I rode the RUSA Carthage Coffee Run 200K solo yesterday.  It was a glorious cool overcast day, despite a yucky forecast.

The destination coffee shop in Carthage has gone out of business.  Not too bad for me, since I don't drink coffee, nor can I take time to lounge and sip anyway.

I used the Kangaroo gas station in Carthage as my checkpoint.  Too bad the door on the unisex bathroom was not closed and not locked.  When I opened it, the two women inside screamed.  The cashiers gave me a dirty look.  Arrgh.

Favorite memory from the day:  I heard a small airplane taking off from the airport near Lower Moncure Rd.  It turned to follow the road I was travelling, at low altitude.  I saw it in my mirror and I waved.  It wiggled its wings, flew over me, and continued ahead of me.  Very cool.

Best lesson re-learned today: I heard the horn of a train approaching in Sanford.  I stopped at the crossing, dug out my camera, and caught it.  Cool.  But then I had to watch 100 identical gravel cars crawl by.  Must remember to cross the tracks first, and then take photos.

Only two dog events and one car buzz today.  A great day on the bike.

Click here for a few [Photos]

Monday, July 4, 2011

Touring Bikes along the Eno River

We spotted four parked touring bikes as we hiked around a remote swimming hole today. We were miles deep in the woods, along trails which were rocky, hilly, and rooty. The trails may have been suitable for mountain bikes, but they were prohibited. I can't imagine how these tourers got here.

Nonetheless, here they were. All had comfy tires. Three had fenders, including one with hammered aluminums. There was an assortment of front racks, a porteur, and luggage. And a beach umbrella in one rear rack. They were all well lit, with Superflash and Magic Shine. My first thought was "Where are the randos?" Alas, no one jumped out of the woods asking us to sign their cards.

Meanwhile, we had a great Fourth of July watching the 'water sports'.

Trail and lake photos: [photos]

Fun watersports video: [video]