Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice Eclipse and Night People

I set the alarm and slogged outside in the cold early this winter solstice morning to watch an hour of the lunar eclipse. I had a lawn chair, a large blanket wrapped around, and my kerosene railroad lantern underneath as a heater. And a balaclava on top (aka obligatory bike content). I didn't freeze. And I had a nice intermittent view of the eclipse thanks to Swiss cheese holes in the fast-moving cloud cover.

But as soon as I got huddled in my nest, I started hearing unusual sounds. Doors slamming and metal things banging behind my house. Hushed voices from the house next door. Shoes slowly scuffing on the pavement in front. And an old school bus painted blue slowly crawling up the street. I am hoping all my neighbors are astronomy afficiandos. Or maybe they were returning home as the bars closed. Otherwise, I need to pay more attention...

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