Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne Ryde

Jayjay and I tried three times to complete a 200K ride in December.  On the first ride, we missed the closing time of an intermediate checkpoint.  On the second ride, we couldn't finish the final 15 miles.  But today, we snagged it.

We waited until the last day of the month, ordered perfect weather (no snow, sleet, or freezing rain, with light winds, bright sunshine, and temperatures above 50°F/10°C), chose an easier route, and were lucky to have two other randos drag us four hours to the finish.

A total of seven randos rode the Tar Heel 200K today.  It was a great day on the bikes.  Here are a few photos.


dean furbish said...

Trend setter . . .

I'd finally gotten a couple of plain wool jerseys to keep up with the local crowd and now this . . . Argyle!

I was wondering whether you were sporting the "roaring 20s" look, but settled on "Cambridge," given the title of the post.

I like it!

Congratulations to everyone!


YungFalbz said...

Absolutely a trend setter. He inspired me for a NYD ride the next day.

Thanks for setting us up Dean. It was great to ride with Andy and Janis's been over a year!

Hope you had as fabulous a ride on Sunday.

sag said...

Haha. Y'all better not suggest a "Tweed Ride"...

PS: try this link for YungFalbz's photo