Saturday, January 8, 2011

I fought the brine truck, and the truck won

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is presently out spraying a liquid salt brine solution on the major roadways in anticipation of big snow on Monday.  I crossed paths with a truck in Carthage today as I was riding the RUSA Carthage Coffee Run 200K, from Durham to Carthage and back.  I didn't recognize the truck was spraying until it was too late.  That's okay, I should wash my bike more than once a year.
Thumbnail photo credit:  WNCT TV9, Greenville, NC

In other news, three young horses galloped along with me for the length of their large corral as I passed.  That doesn't happen often, but is very neat when it does.

Four uber roadies in a paceline passed in the opposite direction.  They all looked up and waved.  Very unusual.  Rando candidates.

I rode through snow flurries in Sanford this afternoon.  I rode out of them quickly as I left town.

Only one dog bothered me today.  It was riding in a pickup truck which passed me, and it barked right into my ear.  I jumped.  Otherwise, all dogs were fenced, constrained, or not interested in me.  Very nice.

I did have a car pass me this afternoon with its passenger door open.  The door closed as soon as the car passed.  It did not hit me.  I'll assume they were emptying coffee or something, and not trying to hit me.  In case I'm wrong, watch out for a steel blue or gray, boxy, 1990s era, Honda Civic or Accord on NC 751 near Apex Nurseries.

Overall, a great day on the bike.

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