Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fast Flow Technology

There's nothing like bad weather to improve one's preparedness.  Jayjay and I rode the new RUSA Carthage Coffee Run 200k today.  Neither of us checked the weather forecast recently, and neither brought any rain gear or extra warm clothing.  Imagine our surprise during two hours of cold rain in the early morning.  And the temperature went down from there.

We were both considering aborting until we found some hot chocolate in Sanford.  Aaah, instant relief.  Of course, the hot liquid went through me quickly, and I was looking for a place to stop within ten minutes.  I guess that's what is meant by "Fast Flow Technology" on the dispensing machine (see photo).

On the other hand, I was amazed my feet were comfortable all day in Keen sandals and wool socks.  Hmm, maybe there is some magic in all the blather I've read about wool...

On our return trip, we chose the option to ride the American Tobacco Trail.  It was really nice to avoid the traffic on NC 751, aside from the trail sections in Durham which were muddy from the morning's rain.

The Carthage Coffee Run is a great new ride.  Many thanks to Branson for putting it together.  We look forward to riding it many times again.


dean furbish said...

Congratulations. Here's to many more coffee (and chocolate) rides!

skiffrun said...

1. Good to know there is something for non-coffee drinkers on that route.

2. On Saturday's KLL trek, Dean commented that not-so-long-ago, there was only one Permanent near Raleigh. But now, there were people doing KLL on Saturday, Bryan doing LLL on Saturday, and Ron M and ??? doing LLL on Sunday. We didn't know about A 'n JJ doing the Coffee Run.

3. I really like that photo of JJ on the ATT. Riding into an apparently never-ending tree-tunnel. Nicely composed. Can't imagine it could have been better if you had been stationary and posed or photo-shopped it.

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