Monday, June 3, 2013

200K meets 600K redux

Three years ago, Jayjay and I rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200K in North Carolina and crossed paths with riders doing a 600K.  Here is the original blog post.

History repeated itself yesterday...

First, we passed a lone cyclist at the post office in Wade, NC.  He seemed like a rando: front bag, conspicuous clothing, cheery confidence.  He said 'good morning' before we could greet him.  We didn't think about the 600K until a few minutes later when we remembered some recent newsgroup chatter.  Could he have been on the return route of the 600K?

Shortly thereafter, our hunch was confirmed.  We passed and recognized rando Rick with another rider.  They stopped to chat.  Then we passed rando Byron who recognized me.  Then a group of six randos: Geof, John, Mike, Keith, Tom, and Jacob.

Finally, on our return stop at the checkpoint in Erwin NC, the cashier said "Oh I just signed one of these cards ten minutes ago".

They were everywhere.  Wish I had brought my cow bell!

Great day on the bike.  Photos

Update:  Thanks to Rick and Martin filling in the missing names.  The first mystery rider was Rando Gar.   Congrats to all.

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skiffrun said...

just to let you know, I still have the same opinion of that photo from the original post, for the reasons I identified three years ago.

see you soon?