Saturday, May 22, 2010

200K meets 600K

Jayjay and I rode the Tar Heel 200K RUSA permanent today, in eastern North Carolina. About 30 miles of the route is common with today's NC Bike Club 600K RUSA brevet, and we crossed paths with eight of the 600K riders at a convenience store south of Stedman. We took photos and cheered them on their way. It was the highlight of our ride. (See photos and videos below.)

After the 600K riders departed, Jayjay and I had great fun analyzing who looked best, who looked dead, who had the silliest rig, etc. In return, I hope we provided them with some good laughs at our expense too.

Weather was mixed and unsettled today. First, we rode through about 90 minutes of 'heavy sprinkles' in the morning. I started singing like Julie Andrews, which was NOT good:

Raindrops on Randos with
Smart Woolen mittens...
Luckily I don't remember the rest. It got sunny and warm for the rest of our ride in the afternoon. It resumed raining again in Benson just as we packed up the bikes and drove home. I suspect the 600K riders hit a bit more rain on their route. (My house got bad storms and even lost power for 37 minutes due to a nearby lightning strike.)

I was in a camera mood today. Here are lots of photos and videos.

Best of luck to the Super Randos on the 600K...

PS: Beware of dog named Roscoe, north of Dunn: map


Sara Huston said...

It was great to see you guys! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who makes up funny words to songs while riding. My latest creation is titled "If I had a Hammock", I'm sure you can see where that goes. :)

YungFalbz said...

I second that! Although I really thought you liked my yoga mat, I didn't know you were making fun of it! It's even color coordinated with my handlebar tape. Ya gotta love that.

Thanks for the pics and your ride report. Aren't you loving that smooth road on the route? I think that's what happened to JayJay...she was lulled to sleep by the lack of bumps.

skiffrun said...

I hate that photo!

First, I look like I'm about to die.

Second, it appears that I am accosting JayJay and Maria.