Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sag's Complete Blogging Guide

Do you remember the first blogger you read regularly?  And do you remember why?

About five years ago, I was searching for information about a music festival out west.  I found a blogger who wrote not only about that festival, but also several other activities I enjoyed.  From that blog-reading experience, here is my advice...

Be succinct.  The less you write, the more people read.  It caught my attention.

Make jokes.  My blogger was incredibly funny, sarcastic, and cutting.  It held my attention.

Be accurate.  My blogger was fastidious.  Don't guess.

Write well.  Write with a nice flow and good sense of timing.  Use an occassional big word.

Mix it up.  While I discovered the blog for the music festival, my blogger also wrote about other topics.  Some matched my hobbies, some did not.  But all were interesting.

Write with zest.  Share your excitement.  Encourage others.  Warn about hazards.  Give tips.

Photos.  Add photos.  Write captions which continue the story.

Keep blogging.  Strangers are reading, enjoying, and being inspired.

1 comment:

skiffrun said...

Let's see how I stack up:

1. Be succinct. I usually FAIL on that. 0 / 1.

2. Make jokes. I try, but I think most fall flat. 0.5 / 2.

3. Be accurate. Uh, me FAIL. 0.5 / 3.

4. Write well. I can't judge that! Besides, my dad would get out of his grave to tell me "don't break your arm" if I claimed I wrote well. 0.5 / 3.

5. Mix it up. While I may often be mixed-up, I only write about one thing on my cycling blog: cycling. 0.5 / 4.

6. Write with zest. I'll claim credit for this one, although sometimes I fail. 1.5 / 5.

7. Photos. I don't have an appropriate camera; if I can't paint the picture with words ... . Sometimes, others that rode with me provide some photos. See this post for an example. I think I qualify as FAIL on this one. 1.5 / 6.

25%. Not much chance anyone will appreciate my blog.