Monday, July 4, 2011

Touring Bikes along the Eno River

We spotted four parked touring bikes as we hiked around a remote swimming hole today. We were miles deep in the woods, along trails which were rocky, hilly, and rooty. The trails may have been suitable for mountain bikes, but they were prohibited. I can't imagine how these tourers got here.

Nonetheless, here they were. All had comfy tires. Three had fenders, including one with hammered aluminums. There was an assortment of front racks, a porteur, and luggage. And a beach umbrella in one rear rack. They were all well lit, with Superflash and Magic Shine. My first thought was "Where are the randos?" Alas, no one jumped out of the woods asking us to sign their cards.

Meanwhile, we had a great Fourth of July watching the 'water sports'.

Trail and lake photos: [photos]

Fun watersports video: [video]

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