Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carthage Coffee Run 200K

I rode the RUSA Carthage Coffee Run 200K solo yesterday.  It was a glorious cool overcast day, despite a yucky forecast.

The destination coffee shop in Carthage has gone out of business.  Not too bad for me, since I don't drink coffee, nor can I take time to lounge and sip anyway.

I used the Kangaroo gas station in Carthage as my checkpoint.  Too bad the door on the unisex bathroom was not closed and not locked.  When I opened it, the two women inside screamed.  The cashiers gave me a dirty look.  Arrgh.

Favorite memory from the day:  I heard a small airplane taking off from the airport near Lower Moncure Rd.  It turned to follow the road I was travelling, at low altitude.  I saw it in my mirror and I waved.  It wiggled its wings, flew over me, and continued ahead of me.  Very cool.

Best lesson re-learned today: I heard the horn of a train approaching in Sanford.  I stopped at the crossing, dug out my camera, and caught it.  Cool.  But then I had to watch 100 identical gravel cars crawl by.  Must remember to cross the tracks first, and then take photos.

Only two dog events and one car buzz today.  A great day on the bike.

Click here for a few [Photos]

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