Saturday, April 2, 2011

NC Bike Club 200K

There was no rain. There were no loose dogs. There was "some wind".

One passerby threw a cup of home fried potatoes at us. The wind blew half back into the car window.

Riding buddy Jayjay did some acrobatics when we hit crosswinds on the Haw River bridge. At first, I thought she was having a spasm in front of me. Then I rode from the protective woods out onto the high bridge and I got slammed.

I started smelling the barn at mile 90 (145km). Then I realized the wind was blowing it away from us.

Kudos to all 40 randos who started and finished. Thanks to Rando Joel for waiting for us at the turnaround point, and thanks to Rando Jerry for checking up on things.

Random photos


skiffrun said...

I heard a rumor that you and JayJay rode just as quickly into the wind as you did with a tailwind.

Now ... there are several things that one could surmise from that information, but ... I don't know what to think, or write.

sag said...

That is true.

I think we probably wore ourselves out in the morning headwinds. We had just enough energy and tailwinds in the afternoon to keep us moving. It worked out well.

I do remember coasting down Jack Bennett. I stood up tall in a tailwind gust and got blown directly forward. That was fun.