Monday, April 11, 2011

Lutefisk for Endurance

When I was a kid (age 11) my Norwegian grandfather dug us a hole for a swimming pool.  He was a retired construction worker in his late 60s.  He dug a flat spot into the slope of our back yard until it was 24 ft wide and 4 ft deep (7.3m x 1.2m) to perfectly nestle a round above-ground pool into the hillside.  He used a shovel.

He dug every day for maybe 6-8 weeks.  He started every morning before we went to school.  He sang to himself in Norwegian, "Yah yah this, Yah yah that."  He continued digging and singing that same song until dark, when he went home to Grandma's dinner of lutefisk, sardines, and other vile delicacies.

I can only dig about one hour per day before everything hurts.  But it's amazing how I can clearly hear my grandfather singing along with me as soon as I start.

So maybe I should try eating lutefisk too.

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