Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tar Heel Adventures

Jayjay and I rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200K in North Carolina yesterday.  It was a glorious spring day with a few new experiences.  Rando Skiff of The Irregulars encouraged me to write longer ride reports, so here goes...

Welcome Hippies

This sign inside Mule City Gas in Benson got the day off to a good start.

Pierogi Full Moon

The almost-full moon was huge and super-bright in the clear sky just before dawn, thanks to being at its closest point to Earth in its 18-year elliptical orbit.  Astronomers call it a Pierogi Full Moon, or something like that which reminded me of Pierogis.  (Rando Mike posted serious science at RTP)

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Jayjay's cluster ratchet is really loud when coasting.  I am now convinced that the sound catches the attention of dogs.  Two times we were cruising along in the quiet pre-dawn darkness when she stopped pedaling and the ratchet started clicking.  Immediately, I heard a muffled 'woof' in the distance, followed by a chase.  Must practice pedaling continuously.

Wicked Witch of the Wind 

A cold front blasted us all afternoon as we returned from Tar Heel.  While nothing like the winds of a mountain pass, it was the stongest and longest headwinds I've ever ridden into.  I even resorted to attempting a tuck, grasping the front of my basket like aerobars.  Not pretty.

Not Paintballers

If ever you approach a large group of people standing at attention in a wide formation blocking a side road, and they have full camo, high tech helmets, and heavy hardware, prudence says to put away your camera, face front, and ride straight and steady.  Definitely do not scan the opposite side of the road looking for the fellows you are not supposed to see.

Fun with Tractors

We passed several farm tractors on the roads.  Each time, they were moving so fast that I couldn't get my camera out in time for a photo.  The last one was a 'tall tractor', with a large opening underneath designed to pass over rows of tall crops.  It was easily tall enough for a bicyclist to pass underneath.  Luckily, the tractor had passed before my tired mind realized that possibility.

Bland checkpoint photos


skiffrun said...

1. I was going to make a comment that the time-stamp on your photos was off by one hour ... then I saw that you had written that on Picasa. Therefore, I will not comment on that.

2. Regarding "Rando Skiff of 'The Irregulars' encouraged me to write longer ride reports, so here goes...": I thought I had noted that you could probably remember more details of the ride than you have previously claimed. And that might lead to longer posts. Btw, these days, I am trying to shorten mine.

3. Mary F has a loud "cluster ratchet" when coasting. So does Tom F. ... I wonder ... .

4. On the first half of my Saturday ride, I was very glad I was NOT doing the Tar Heel 200. (My route went north, then south; in direct "opposition" to the Tar Heel.)

5. Regarding the formation of camo-clad: Even sillier was the stake-out that authorities did on a house on PUCh Rd (I decided to abbreviate, just for you and JayJay) last year. It was sooo obvious what was going on as one drove or rode a bicycle by that it was ridiculous. Despite that, they apparently did catch their quarry.

6. I like the visual of italicizing "The Irregulars". I may have to adopt that ... but I think I'll try to italicize just "Irregulars".


Tim said...

Sag, I enjoyed reading your blog, as I am relatively new to Randoneurring & certainly new to blogging. Have you ever ridden The Shenandoah 1200k, any thoughts, suggestions or advice on that? Thanks, Tim

sag said...

Hi Tim,
I have not done a 1200K, but here is my favorite report by bullcitybiker, and he mentions at the end some other reports he found useful.

Good luck, and thanks for reading,