Monday, September 6, 2010

Path Less Pedaled: Butterflies, Trains, and Fishing for Mailboxes

Laura and Russ, from The Path Less Pedaled and FB, visited us this weekend as they passed through town on their amazing bicycle journey across the country.

We had glorious late-summer weather all weekend.  On Saturday, we biked from home to the farmer's market, then to the butterfly house at the Museum of Life and Science.  Here's a quick video and some random photos.

Back home, we did a little hula hooping.  Laura and Russ are naturals.  Laura spun double hoops immediately.  Video.  Russ wowed us by playing harmonica at the same time he spun doubles.   Behold:  Video

On Sunday, we biked south to Bonsal, and rode the train at the New Hope Valley Railway.  Here are a few photos.  Enjoy the awesome steam whistle halfway through this video riding on the train.

Monday was a quiet day.  Russ entertained our neighbors by fly-fishing for mailboxes on our street.  Later, we fashioned a rubber mud flap for the back of his bike.  Here is a fishing video, and a few photos.

It was great meeting Laura and Russ, hearing their experiences and insights, and sharing fun activities.  We wish them the best as they continue on their journey. 

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