Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yard Sales on Permanents

I bought this trike at a yard sale today (click the photo for a bigger view).  That wouldn't be so unusual if it weren't for the fact that Jayjay and I were riding our bikes on the RUSA Showdown at Black Creek 200K, from Raleigh to Black Creek, NC and back.

Saturday mornings are 'Yard Sale Heaven' around here, and we have been known to stop once or twice during our rides.  But those times, I was looking for something small, light, and easy to transport, like a red plaid skirt to use as a kilt in a costume.  I hadn't ever considered buying something big, like a lamp or bookshelf, nevermind a bike.

However, today I made a quick U-turn as soon as I spotted this thing on display.  The seller was happy to demonstrate and expound about it, I have wanted one for a while, and I had the cash with me.  I just hope he doesn't sell it a second time to someone else before I drive back tomorrow to pick it up!

Oh, and in other news, the Black Creek 200K was great.  Photos and more witty tales are here:  Photos  

PS: I brought the trike home on Sunday.  Here is a brief video


skiffrun said...

I'm wondering why you just didn't attach the front fork of the trike to your rear "luggage rack" (can't think of the correct term) and tow it along for the rest of Perm.

You could have stowed the wheel and whatever was already on the luggage rack in the basket of the trike.


sag said...

Thanks Skiff,
It was the Black Creek perm. I corrected my mistake in the text.

Haha, you jest. I actually thought for 3 seconds about how to tow the bike. Luckily, a rare stroke of common sense prevailed.