Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hoopcycling 102

Hooping while bicycling

Hoopcycling is a fusion of two of my hobbies:  hooping and bicycling.  Much of hooping is an upper-body activity, with hand, arm, and torso movement.  Bicycling is mostly about legs, and the body just comes along for the ride.  They are perfect complements.  Combining the two energizes all parts of your body, and doubles the workload on your brain.

We finally took some video.  Here is a 10-second clip:  video

I first wrote about hoopcycling back in May.  My cyclist friends guffawed.  My hooper friends gasped.  But I think it's a perfect mash-up.  And learning new combinations is such a magical rush.  

Think about what activities you can combine, and try something unusual.

Just be careful, and don't hurt yourself.

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