Sunday, August 1, 2010

PBP 200K

I rode the RUSA Princeton-Belmar-Princeton 200K in central New Jersey today.  I started five hours into the new month to snag an early 'R'.  And I remembered my perm card at every checkpoint, woo hoo.

The checkpoint in Belmar is a Dunkin Donuts at the beach.  Usually it is jammed with beachgoers every summer weekend morning, and the line takes forever.  However, there was a race going on today, Ocean Ave was closed to motor vehicles, and the store was empty.  Sweet!

I had excellent weather, despite a gloomy forecast.  The morning was dry and cool, the afternoon had intermittent light misty rain, and only a few minutes of real rain.  My sneakers didn't even get soaked.  I encountered only one thunderstorm.  It approached me from the rear for two hours, then my route turned to the side.

For the Yungfalbz files, there were tractors and heavy equipment everywhere.  I even saw a woman yelling at her boss while driving a big front-end loader filled with stone for a construction project.  (No photos, since it was raining and my camera is not waterproof)

No blisters, nothing hurts, light traffic, no flats, no mechanicals (other than hitting a small clump of branches on the road which flew up and cracked a fender and whacked me on the shin), and great pizza after the ride.

This is a delightful ride.  I highly recommend it.
Here are a few photos from when it was not raining:  photos
And here are three videos in Belmar and Spring Lake, at the ocean:  videos

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Vance Ricks said...

Congrats on becoming a "PBP" ancien!