Saturday, July 24, 2010

Howling Grits practice ride

Jayjay and I rode Jerry's Howling Grits 100K populaire today, not for credit, but just to see if we could do it.  We might actually finish in time.  The hills were a challenge for us, since Jerry has done a masterful job of linking together roads with minimal flat sections.  And it was hot, though we dodged the worst since it was overcast the first several hours.  Of course, we won't stop at a shaded beachy stretch along Jordan Lake on a real ride, like we did today.   And I will definitely not ride my bike the 10 miles from home to the start, like I did today.  Maybe we'll try again in October, when it's cooler.

Of course, what would a rando ride be without a detour?    Photos

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