Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snarky Sprints

Four randos rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200K on a beautiful summer day today. Dean, Jayjay, Mike and I started at daybreak in Benson. Mike rode with great vigor, fresh from a 1000K in California. The rest of us rode slow and had great conversation. Click on the little thumbnail photo here to see Dean and Mike the second time we met, some miles from the turnaround point in Tar Heel.

Quote of the day, from Jayjay to a non-rando roadie friend:

"Randos don't sprint for county line signs. We sprint for state lines."

...which segues nicely to this little video of me NOT fooling Dean at the Bladen County line: video

And a few unremarkable snapshots: photos

No flats or mechanicals, just the usual dogs, detours, and missing signs. A great day on the bikes.


dean furbish said...

The county line "sprint" was a fluke, sagittandy. Enjoyed the ride!

skiffrun said...

Excerpted from an Aug-08-2009 blog post:

"Smitty and I had been exchanging leading the line. Smitty was leading, and I detected that he might need a bit of a break, so I rode from 6th in the line up to Dave (3rd in line) to ask if he any legs left. Just after Dave had replied that he was toast and I had started to move up give Smitty a break, Lee darted out of 4th position in the line to sprint for the Wake Cnty line. Dave responded, pulled out of line and tried to contest the sprint. As the line disintegrated, the Lash came around and casually closed up to Dave and Lee.


"Later in the day, I related the Wake county line sprint story / information to Lynn.
Her matter-of-fact deadpan response: 'they weren't sprinting'."