Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Up on the roof

Warning:  Another non-bike story...

The last time I did any roofing work, which was last century, I slipped, slid down the roof, and went flying.  Luckily, I was only up one floor, the ground was resilient muddy clay soup, and I landed and tumbled perfectly.  I got up unscathed and continued roofing.

I fixed some damage on my parents' roof from Hurricane Sandy over the weekend.  I didn't fall.  But when I knocked over a full box of roofing nails and watched half the nails slide all the way down to the ground (click the photo to enlarge), I decided it was time to fashion a pretend safety line.   Such a wuss.

Here are a few photos.


Willene Fagen said...

Uhhh...how nice of you to fix your parents' roof, Sag! :) Ya, I saw the news on T., Hurricane Sally is one strong fella. I'm sorry about what happened to you last time you went on the roof. You are indeed, one lucky man. Next time, bring someone along with you when you go up there. Or maybe, have someone spot you from the ground.

Willene Fagen

Missie Rice said...

Whoa! It seems like you've been through a lot of difficulties when it comes to dealing with roofs. I suggest that you ask for a professional's help the next time you decide to fix the roof, so you can ensure your safety. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry. And by the way, Willene, I believe you’re talking about Sandy, though Lindsay Lohan did call the hurricane “Sally.” Haha!

Missie  Rice

Noreen Mayweather said...

Oh, my! You should use safety equipment when fixing your roof. You might get severely injured if you fall. Did you know that falling is the leading cause of construction fatalities? Not using any safety gear is a serious health hazard. Next time, please keep in mind using fall protection systems.

Noreen Mayweather

Chantay said...

Even after falling, you still had the courage to get up once more and fix your parents’ roof! Like what Missie said, you can always hire the services of roofers to do the repairs for you. Don’t push yourself unnecessarily and keep yourself from getting into accidents.

-Chantay Smithingell

Nelson Mcglaughlin said...

It’s great that you have the knowledge and experience in fixing a roof. Well, Hurricane Sandy indeed left America a wreck. I just hope that you, your parents, and the rest of the people there have already recovered from what happened.

Nelson Mcglaughlin