Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tar Heel 200K

I rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200K in central NC today.  Autumn cold is definitely here.  I've been commuting in the cold dark mornings, but 7+ miles has not been enough to thicken my blood yet.

And there was 'some wind' in the afternoon.  Not strong enough to warrant the dreaded aero tuck, but enough to be annoying.  And it seemed to keep changing directions.  Meh.

Most drivers were incredibly courteous as usual, but I had fun with a few.  Good to keep the blood flowing.

I ran into a dozen uber roadies leaving the Stedman Marathon at the same time I did.  It looked like they were all wearing colorful zentai costumes, head to toe.  One was friendly, he asked me to ride with their group.  I declined, not being fast enough (plus didn't want to nix my RUSA credit).

I usually don't take photos after the turnaround, but I was feelin' it today.  Enjoy a batch of unusual photos.

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