Monday, December 5, 2011


Ever go the wrong way down an exit ramp from an interstate highway?

I did yesterday.  We were about 1km from the finish of the RUSA Carthage Coffee Run 200K I turned at the wrong traffic light.  Luckily, Rando Maria was alert and screamed at me from behind.  More luckily, her lungs were in great form, having screamed at dogs throughout the day.  Most luckily, I reacted to the third scream.  Thanks Maria!

Here are a few [checkpoint photos]  (Beware, my camera timestamps were off by one hour)

Oh, and notice the gasoline engine in the thumbnail photo.  I really lusted for this rig, spotted at mile 100.

Update:  Another perspective on today's ride: [bike fizxzit]


skiffrun said...

Now that you've completed Carthage a few times, does it deserve a link similar to the links on the left side-bar for Black Cree, Tar Heel and the Mule Pull?

sag said...

Excellent suggestion. Done.