Saturday, September 10, 2011

RUSA Tar Heel 200K

Nine randos rode the Tar Heel 200K today.  Five of us started at 6am: Dean, Bob, Sridhar, Jayjay, and Andy.  The rest started at 8am: Alan, Ian, Nick, and John.  The weather was incredible.  It was moderately cool in the morning, and hot only briefly in the afternoon.  Light winds, no rain, gorgeous sky.

We had a brief detour around a closed railroad crossing in Benson (a few city blocks).  We were blocked briefly by a motorcycle tour with police escort in Tar Heel.  We were chased by two inconsequential dogs: a tiny beagle puppy who chased but jumped scared each time he saw another cyclist, and a tiny dachshund who couldn't hope to catch us.  A big dog approached us in the morning darkness, but Biker Bob dispatched it with an air horn.

Congrats to Rando Ian who finished PBP last weekend.  And congrats to new Rando Nick doing his first 200K.

Here are a few [photos] and a 26-second [video] run-by.

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