Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cluster swap

When force doesn't work...

Use more force.


skiffrun said...

Or, perhaps, don't use quite so much force when you put the cluster on in the first place?


I have to admit, though, that your phrase certainly is "more catching".

And ... what do I know about changing clusters / cassettes?

Answer: Nothing.

sag said...

I should have mentioned this is an old thread-on freewheel, which means that the incredibly mammoth force I apply with my legs while pedaling tightens it beyond reason.


skiffrun said...


That is more-or-less, exactly what my mechanic and occassional cycling partner said upon seeing that photo. (I wrote that I knew nothing about changing clusters / cassettes.)

Neither my mechanic nor I knew about "the incredibly mammoth force your legs apply while pedaling"; I always figured that your legs applied a normal amount of pedaling force. Now that I know about the "mammoth force" ... WOW!!