Sunday, June 5, 2011

12-Speed Fixie

Randos Dean, Jerry, and I rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200K permanent yesterday.  Dean and I started before the crack o' dawn.  Jerry started at a more civilized hour.  He caught us a few miles from the turnaround, where we had a nice sit-down lunch at Subway.

For about three miles, I became "one with my bike".  My cluster and ratchet locked to the wheel.  I could shift, but it goosed me whenever I tried to coast.  Each time I forgot and started to coast, it took half a second for the lower chain to stretch the derailleur, and then WHAM.  My flat pedals flew out from under my feet, slammed around, and smacked cuts and bruises into the backs of my legs.  Luckily, it unfroze a few miles later.

The weather was spectacular.  Temps were not too hot, humidity was low, and winds were moderate.  It was probably the nicest day of this month, if not the summer.  Too bad Rando Skiff declined to sign up for a permanent with me, since the forecast at mid-week was much worse than reality.

Traffic was extremely light and polite.  Dogs were lively and energetic.

Behold the thumbnail photo shows a new genre of photography for cyclists.  See the photo album for details:  Photos


skiffrun said...

I had to ride with "my guys" to keep them lost, er, from getting lost.

dean furbish said...

I like the catchy title. Skiffrun, on the other hand, has been seen pedaling around lately on a 30-speed single speed. :)

YungFalbz said...

I second Dean's comment about the title. Thanks for the tractor photo. It's a good one too! Wish I could've ridden with you guys. Waiting for fall....