Friday, June 4, 2010

Right Hooks

Question: When is a right hook not a right hook?
Hypothesis: When both the car and bicycle turn right.

As part of my commute, I sprint along a short narrow section of NC54 (an aggressively driven, ostensibly 45mph (72km/h), two-lane road) and turn right up a short steep hill into a housing development. For the first time one day last week, a car pulled directly alongside me and matched my speed as we reached the intersection. I noticed his right turn signal flashing. Then the two of us both turned right and whipped around the corner, perfectly synchronized, no more than 3 ft (1m) apart. Wow, what was that? I filed it away as a fluke.

Amazingly, it happened again yesterday. Another fluke?

I am choosing to believe these drivers are seeing my extended arm and recognizing it as a right-turn signal, which is good. But I'm not yet sure a synchronized turn is a good thing. Maybe with more practice...

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Doctor on a bike said...

I don't have too many of these, but what does happen on my commute is people passing me on blind right turns with only the one lane and a double yellow line. Best is when they try to clip the apex of the turn to maintain speed, thereby getting closer to me as we go through the turn.

Loved this from your previous post;
"They promote colon health without Activia."