Monday, May 24, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to ride RUSA 200K events

  • Learn where the fastest dogs live.

  • Eat all you want while losing weight.

  • They will cull every marginal component from your bike.

  • You can schmooze with convenience store society.

  • You'll stop riding all non-credit miles.

  • They provide a healthy way to hallucinate.

  • You'll love the feel of chamois in the rain.

  • They promote colon health without Activia.

  • The next day, you can stand up all day at your job.

  • They are a great way to prepare for really long rides.

And the best reason for riding 200K events:

  • They provide time to compose stories for your blog.


skiffrun said...

Never, never, never stop riding riding "non-credit" miles.

If one is only ride "for credit", why bother riding at all? Ride for the enjoyment of the ride, not for "credit". "Credit" should be a by-product, not the purpose.

There are lots of interesting and scenic roads and places within easy (possibly "easy") riding distance of the Triangle, almost all of which are NOT on any RUSA brevet, permanent or populaire route. I love exploring new roads, connected to my "usual" routes, so much that I seldom repeat the same (long) route more than once or twice a year. (Short, 30 or 40 mile, routes is a different story.)


skiffrun said...

I assume that you get e-mail warnings regarding messages, therefore:

So far, in this year 2012, seven rides ... six for RUSA credit.

"The seventh," you ask?

Was a ride to MikeD's for the sole purpose of signing a RUSA waiver and getting RUSA permanent control cards.


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