Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Rando Women Want

Jayjay and I rode the NC Bike Club's 200K RUSA brevet yesterday, from Morrisville to Siler City and back. The weather was absolutely incredible, we had no mechanicals, and I got up close and personal with only one dog.

Jayjay had a bout of leg cramps, but soldiered on to the next convenience store where she downed some V8 juice as recommended by Rando Dean, and chugged some mustard as recommended by the People's Pharmacy radio show. They worked magic. And the mustard bottle matched her vest. And shoes. And it fit in her bottle cage. (click the thumbnail photo for a bigger view.)

This was our first 'hilly' event with 7800 ft of climbing, yet we finished within the same time range as our 200k flat permanents. I can't explain it. It was certainly not the comraderie, elan, and encouragement from the real randos, since the pack was out of our sight shortly after the start. And we are no fitter, and our bikes are no lighter. No idea why.

About mile 80, we were slogging up some rollers when we spotted ride volunteer Yungfalbz driving past us in her truck. I teased Jayjay that she would be stopping at the next grassy knoll to set out sparkling water, brie, and lawn chairs, and would be giving shoulder massages. This got Jayjay to sprint up a few hills, but eventually she realized I was teasing.

Finally, at the convenience store on 15-501, a young employee was staring at our bikes when I walked outside. She said she wished she could ride again, but she was 25 years old and had 50 year old knees. "Fear not", I encouraged her, I am 50 years old, I have 50 year old knees, and I am out riding all day today. She didn't buy it.

Many thanks to Fearless Leader (and RBA) Al and volunteer Yungfalbz for doing the check ride Thursday and supporting the ride today, and thanks to everyone who hung around at the finish to welcome us as we brought in the red lantern.

PS: a very few photos from me. I wasn't thinking about photos on this hilly ride.
Here are some photos by YungFalbz,
And here are report1 from RTP, report2 from RTP, report3 from Tidewater, report4 from Doc, report5 from Chuck...

PS2: Oh, and thanks to whoever left a half-full gallon jug of water on the garbage can outside the convenience store in Siler City. I chugged it. Can you imagine? I sure hope you were a rando!


geof said...

glad you guys survived and 'enjoyed' the hillier route! good job!

dean furbish said...

Congratulations on your first of many brevets! It was great seeing you out there on the route!

You wrote an interesting line that will inspire much thought and conjecture: "This was our first 'hilly' event with 7800 ft of climbing, yet we finished within the same time range as our 200k flat permanents."

Same with me . . . Saturday was my fastest 200 of the year in spite of the other four being done on flat terrain (Gainesville, Wallace, Tar Heel [2]).

skiffrun said...

Nice to meet you before the registration desk arrived.

Too bad I didn't meet JayJay.

Maybe for the 300 km.
Btw, you, as owner of the blog, can complete the deletion of that aborted comment, and do it such that no one will ever be able to tell there was an aborted comment. (Unless they read the previous sentence.)

sag said...

Thanks, all. Congrats in reverse too.

(oh, and the duplicate comment is gone.)

YungFalbz said...

Mustard, sparkling water, brie, shoulder massages and lawn chairs. Will add them to my list of sag items!

I've never seen anyone chug mustard before, but I think I can understand it. Too funny!

I have a few more photos here...