Monday, March 8, 2010

Tar Heel 200 - March 7, 2010

Why is Jayjay so happy? For one thing, she just finished riding the Tar Heel 200. For another, she did a 10-mile sprint to the finish at Benson and left me to the dogs. Literally. On Fairground Rd. Hmmph.

We had a great day on the bikes yesterday, with our first taste of springtime weather. It started out chilly (ie, ice-crystals-in-the-bottles chilly), but warmed up rapidly. We had a tailwind on the outbound leg, then the wind changed and we had a tailwind on the return. My knee hurt for a while, but all pain went away after I repeatedly kicked at and missed a big-headed dog. (I need to remember this pain-relief technique.)

Best of all, I finally found a food that swallows easy, stays down, tastes great and handles well in gloves: Tortilla roll-ups. I heard this recommendation from some other rando, but I can't find his post. Thanks whoever you are. I made some with lunchmeat turkey, cheese, and pickle relish today. I look forward to experimenting with other contents.

And finally, I am taking my schtick to the next level. I've been doing Panda Photos for years (ie, self-portraits with the camera held in front of myself), but still-frame pandas are 'so 2009'. I'm moving up to Panda Videos. That's right, mini-movies where I talk, tell jokes, and even sing into the camera. While riding. You heard it here first, it's the next best thing in randoing. Enjoy my premiere efforts before my 15 minutes arrives. (Just beware of the singing...)
Six quick vids:

And here are a few still-frame photos:


never that cool said...

Bravo on the finish. Looks like a fun time. Hey, is that a green Takara? I saw that bike yesterday strapped to a car in our work parking lot. Almost took a picture of it. It's a beauty.

YoungFalbz said...

Congratulations on your R-12!! I was hoping to ride the last one with ya'll, but I guess not.

Hope to see you on a ride soon.


sag said...

Thanks for the nice thought! We'll have to plan something.

Email me (the name of this blog at and I'll point you to the Takara.