Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clothing vs Temperature Chart

How to decide what to wear when bicycling? When I started bike commuting, I took notes of what worked for me and what didn't, along with the temperature. After a year or so, I pieced together a chart. I've been following it successfully the last two years.

The real value of a chart like this is for when there will be vastly different temperatures, either commuting in the morning and evening, or on day-long rides. In those cases, I note the expected range of temperatures, find the range of clothing, and either dress or pack it on the bike accordingly. I don't have to think. It takes little conscious thought, and is very efficient.

I highly recommend creating your own chart. Just don't copy my unconventional clothing choices.

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jooknboolie said...

Unconventional though some of your outfits are, it reminds me of the old saying, "there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing". I am as vain as the next cyclist, but I recognize the value of clothing for protection's sake rather than fashion. Keep riding and posting, I enjoy your exploits.