Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tar Heel 200 - The REAL ride report

If you haven't discovered, I highly recommend it. It is a website which lets you create your own animated cartoons. You type the script, move the camera, add gestures, sound effects, background music, and so on. Behold the future of epic ride reports.

I couldn't resist. I created a hypothetical trip report for Friday's ride on Tar Heel 200 (see the sanitized blog entry two days ago).

Here you will meet Sag, the straight man, and Jay, who adds 'color commentary'. These characters are purely fictional. Any similarity to actual people is purely coincidental. Enjoy.


Sara Huston said...

Brilliant! I got many laughs out of this one. Thanks!


tom said...

Mary Florian says:
Your ride report was hilarious! Tom and I viewed it together just now. On Saturday (the day after you did the Tarheel 200), Tom and I rode from our house in Lumberton, went through Tarheel and then rode the route in reverse to Erwin, where we thawed out at the diner and had lunch before riding back home. The references to the cold, frozen body parts and annoying dogs could have come from our ride. Thanks for the laughs!

dean furbish said...

Hilarious ride report, Sag! Well done.

Congratulations on the successful innovation and its introduction.

I'm wondering if I can't adapt a couple of episodes for some science topics for my classes.