Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blinky pedals

Several cyclists have asked about my blinky pedals. These are stand-on pedals with internal generators and red LEDs all around. They flash as you pedal, providing a unique up-and-down pattern. I've been told they are highly visible day and night, and drivers quickly recognize me as a bicycle.

I got my first pair at Target under the Bell brand name. They lasted more than two years of commuting and randonneuring before one stopped blinking and the other's bearings started feeling rough.

I recently bought my next pair from REI, the Glowspek "Premier Pedals 9/16". I did my second 200K ride on them yesterday, and they worked and felt fine. I expect another good long service life.


Glowspek also makes a higher-end MTB-style metal blinky pedal.
Credit: Photo skimmed from the Glowspek web site.

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