Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turn up the heat

One day last week, we had the first early morning of the season with temperatures that got a little bit cold. I was bike-commuting along the Tobacco Trail in the pre-dawn darkness, staring intently for unlit joggers wearing the latest in matte black gruppo, when I felt a little shiver from the cold.

Without thinking, I took my right hand off the bicycle handlebar and reached over toward the right, in an attempt to crank up the temperature lever of the heater in my car. When my hand didn't land on it, I reached again. When that didn't work, I looked over toward my hand to find the lever.

Then I laughed out loud, just as I encountered and swerved around some unlits.

Perhaps I should start searching the internet. I want one of those levers for my bike. :-)

1 comment:

dean furbish said...

Thanks for sharing, sagittandy!

Reminds me of attempting to shift into a lower gear while climbing only to discover that I'm already in the lowest gear!