Sunday, November 29, 2009

Revenge at Black Creek

I rode the RUSA permanent Showdown at Black Creek 200K today. We tried it a few weeks ago in horrendous rain, and we about froze. I tried again today and got my revenge.

High points: There is a new public bathroom in the delightful city park in Black Creek, right behind the municipal building and fire house (click the thumbnail photo). A sign says it is open seven days a week, from 6:30am to 10:30pm. It was immaculate (at least the men's side). I refilled my bottles with sink water. It tasted okay, stayed down, and gave no ill effects. I think this facility makes Black Creek a much more enjoyable turn-around location.

The weather was clear. Temps started right around freezing, and I would guess they rose into the mid 60s degrees F (18 C). It was like an early day in springtime. Traffic was almost nonexistent for most of the day. Secondary roads were empty, the interstates and major roads were empty, even downtowns were empty. I had very few dog encounters in the morning. My guess is that everyone slept-in after Thanksgiving, including the dogs. I enjoyed seeing a train cross my path just west of Black Creek near US 301. (See photos.) No flat tires. No mechanicals. Brand-new blinky pedals worked great. Finally, there was a bright moon in the sky tonight, and I was able to see the road quite well as I headed back to North Raleigh.

Low points: I had a near-miss head-on collision with a full-size pickup truck this morning on Old US 64 (I think). On this otherwise empty two-lane road, the pickup was passing a Jeep headed toward me. I could hear both engines revving, implying the Jeep was refusing to be overtaken, and the pickup wasn't to be denied. Lucky for me, the sound caught my attention, I looked up, and was able to swerve into the grass shoulder barely moments before the pair raced by, side-by-side. I believe the driver of the pickup never saw me. Something new to watch out for.

Other than that, it was very windy. I pedaled downhill in granny gear many times throughout the ride. I have read that riding in wind builds character. I'm not sure what that means, but I hope it is something positive.

Photos with captions


dean furbish said...

Congrats on your "revenge" ride, sagittandy! Great report and pictures!

It's great to know about the public facilities in Black Creek.

You've provided the perfect example of why it's important to be able to hear traffic unencumbered by earphones.

JayJay said...

Wahoo!!! Now you can spend money on the 2000K Medal -- well, almost. Way to go.