Sunday, January 18, 2009

More biking in Chatham County - Hilly Sleety

Today we bicycled in rural Chatham County NC, 53 miles in just under six hours. Temps were mild for a January, starting out just below freezing, and staying close throughout the day. Nothing very remarkable, just a very enjoyable day.

We encountered sleet and/or hail three different times. It pinged off our helmets, glasses, and arms, and crunched noisily under our tires. Luckily, it didn't stick to the roads, and luckily, it wasn't liquid rain.

We rode past the Carnivore Preservation Trust, a non-profit wildlife refuge I've heard about for years, but never seen myself (

We experimented with inexpensive rechargable chemical hand-warmer packs from the dollar store. They give about 30 minutes of warmth. They worked, but not great. We need to think about how best to use them.

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