Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rando complete

Jayjay and I finished our R-60 continuous streak today.  That means we rode at least one 200km (124 miles) bike ride every consecutive month, for the past five years.

- I never thought we would ride one 200K.

- Then I thought we would never complete our first R-12.

- And now we finished R-60.  It's sticker time!

Many thanks to Dean and all the route owners for preparing cards, processing our results, and making this all possible over five years.  And thanks to my wife for the balloons and schwag today.

Enjoy photos of some interesting scenes today, as well as boring checkpoint photos: Photos  

But enough is enough.  It's been fun, and I am satisfied.  I never bought a good bike because I didn't think my interest would last long enough.  I don't train.  I haven't done any bike-commuting or riding for fun in many months.  And I am posting this here to help ensure I stop the streak.  Watch this space...


Iron Rider said...


skiffrun said...

Well, Andy (& JayJay), come on up to north Raleigh and do a just-for-fun 100k ride. If you insist, we won't even do a rando route. I must warn you though -- the flattest north Raleigh 100k route has just been made into a rando perm-pop.

I sure hope you both continue doing some rides and that you blog about them Andy. You have perfected telling the complete story in so few words, we need you around just to have the BEST example of "less is more" that could ever be imagined.

...Rando Skiff