Sunday, December 8, 2013

Morse Code

I heard a great radio advertisement for Motel 6 this week.  It ended with the announcer spelling out a snarky three-letter-acronym in Morse Code.  Yes, the punch line was in Morse Code!!!

My alarm clock radio had just awakened me.  I was not really listening.  It took me a few seconds to recognize it was Morse Code, then decode the letters, and insert the letters back into the context of the message, but then I was laughing out loud in bed.

Juxtaposing a modern snarky acronym in an antique encoding technique was brilliant.

So listen up, you old ham radio operators, military wonks, and anthropologists.  Pay attention.  You'll love it.

PS (obligatory bike content):  I guess Morse Code is like bicycling. You may get rusty, but you never totally forget.


sag said...

Spoiler alert! Here is the advertisement: Click here

Iron Rider said...

As a former boy scout I thought it was funny too.

Larry Parker said...

Tom Bodett doing Morse . . . THANK YOU for sharing this.