Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Preparations on the Tar Heel 200K

Jayjay and I rode the RUSA Tar Heel 200K in eastern North Carolina yesterday.  Halloween is still more than three weeks away, but already we saw a dozen houses decked out in full.  They looked really great in the dark before sunrise.  The house in the photo had what looked like a real casket in their yard (click to enlarge).  Another house had a huge inflatable black cat towering over their front lawn.  At the end of our ride, we passed a family decorating their yard and I yelled out a compliment.  In response, their attack dog charged us.  Ha.

In the 'kindness of strangers' category, as we approached a guy on a riding mower blowing a cloud of dirt and debris into our path, I yelled a warning to Jayjay to hold her breath and close one eye when we passed.  Instead, the guy saw us coming and stopped his mower.  How nice!

Enjoy a few assorted photos:  here

A great day on the bikes.


skiffrun said...

It seems to me that more riding mower operators than not disengage the cutting blade when they see cyclists approaching. Enough "more" that now I'm surprised when they don't. Or maybe I'm just recalling the "good events".

Nice photos.

Appears that neither of you got up a significant sweat during the day, and cleaned up quite quickly and nicely at the end.

Not sure if those are "fake rando smiles" at the end, or real smiles. I'm going with real.


sag said...

Definitely real smiles. A totally relaxing and pleasant day.

Yes, R-43 and counting.

PS: We always look fresh and sweet smelling...