Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snaps of the commute

Here are three quick tidbits...

I stopped and swept a bunch of glass, sand, and schmutz from several places in the bike lanes on Cornwallis Rd as I biked to work in the RTP today.  I sweep about twice a year, when I get sufficiently annoyed by the mess.  The broom I carried may have been responsible for cars passing so widely today.  (Click photo at left to enlarge.)

And it's so nice of the DOT to provide bike parking slots along the road.  (See photo at right.)

Finally, I heard a freight train coming as I approached the railroad crossing on Cornwallis.  I had just enough time to dig my camera out and start filming while sprinting one-handed.  Of course, as soon as I reached the gates, I had an 'oh crap moment' when I realized I needed to stop.  Enjoy the shakey 30-second video.


skiffrun said...

The thing I noticed in the video is how the "bike lane" (which I would assert is simply the shoulder with bicycle and an arrow painted on it every so often) suddenly ends when the road gets to the RR crossing.

I don't know what your thoughts are, but mine are: if that "bike lane" wasn't there, and instead it was just a wide lane, then there would be plenty of room for cars to pass bicycles in a sharing way, cars would sweep the crap out of the "lane", and cyclists wouldn't suddenly have to negotiate their way back into the "lane proper" when the "bike lane" suddenly ends just before the RR crossing.

Now for the real test -- how many times will I have to enter "non-robot proof" before I am able to guess what the blurry letters are.


sag said...


I definitely prefer the 'wider outer lane' design. They provide a more consistent motorist-bicyclist interface, and they stay cleaner too.