Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Transit of Uranus"

Five randos rode the RUSA Lookin' out my back door 200K yesterday, in central North Carolina yesterday.  Dean, Jajyay, and I started early.  Alan and Mike started a little later.

We pulled off the road for this monster farm vehicle near the Averasboro Civil War Museum.  A few moments later, it turned directly toward us to avoid a mailbox on the other side.   We scrambled even further away from the road.  Ugh.

Congrats to Alan on reaching R-36.  Here's a 5 second video of Alan crossing paths with us.  In the video, he is talking about catching up to us after the turnaround point. [video]

Jayjay's rear tire developed a slow leak at the end of the ride.  We stopped about five times to pump it up, ever more frequently.  We made it to the finish without patching it.

In the 'boyish humor' category, I've been encouraging my wife to tease her elementary school students about the "Transit of Uranus" (spoofing the actual Transit of Venus).  She scowled at me.  I shared the story with Dean and Jayjay.  Instinctive reactions:  Dean laughed heartily.  Jayjay scowled.  Yay for boyish humor.

Another great day on the bikes.

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