Saturday, May 26, 2012

100K in 4.5 hours

Jayjay and I set a personal best record today, bicycling 100km in only 4.5 hours.  It wasn't because of improved fitness or better bikes.  It was bacause a tropical storm off the coast of North Carolina was generating strong tailwinds many miles inland.  Yay.

Alas, we then had to turn around and ride back, to complete the second half of our 200K.  Ha!  And then the summer sun came out.  Double ha!

All told, six randos rode the new RUSA Lookin' Out My Back Door 200K today, from Raleigh to Cedar Creek NC and back (Dean, Skiff, John, Mike, Jayay, and me).  We had a great time chatting together on the outbound leg.  On the return, folks split up into small groups and rode at their own pace.

Shortly after the turnaround, we spotted three other cyclists approaching.  I saw bright headlights.  And reflectivewear.  And handlebar luggage.  And a Moulton.  Wow, they look like randos.  As we crossed paths, both groups cheered each other.  Yep, definitely randos.  After they passed, Dean confirmed they were riders on the 600K pre-ride, headed down to the coast.  Kudos.  I trust they had an incredible ride.

Approaching the town of Dunn, we came upon a nasty car wreck.  First responders were working on the injured, and policemen were directing cars to turn back and not pass through the intersection.  Jayjay and I got off our bikes at a distance, walked slowly past the wreck with our heads down, along the shoulder.  They let us pass.

At dinner later this evening, Jayjay gave it a positive spin:  "Except for the heat, hills, and headwinds, it was a great ride."

Another great day on the bikes.

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