Friday, January 20, 2012

Once a foamer, always a foamer

"Foamer" is a rude slang term for someone who likes trains.  The stereotype refers to social outcasts who snort and drool while taking photos of trains. [definitions]

I bike-commuted five times in the last two weeks, a recent record for me.  It's been cold.  One morning was 18 degrees F (-8 C).  Another morning was 22 F (-6 C).  But it was never quite cold enough to numb my subconscious urge to sprint to the track to take a photo when I heard the horn of an approaching train.

So on Monday, I heard the horn.  I barely fumbled a glove off and got the camera out, while still sprinting toward the gates, before the locomotive blew through the crossing.  Drat, a fuzzy photo.

Then, as I was reviewing the photo, and still coasting toward the gates, the end of the unusually short train zipped by.  Quick, another shot.  Double drat, a second fuzzy photo.  Arrgh.

A minute later as I resumed biking, I thought I felt frozen liquid covering my chin.   No, it couldn't be...

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skiffrun said...

chuckling quietly to self