Saturday, October 15, 2011

NC Bike Club 200K & 100K Brevets

About 30 randos rode the 200K brevet from Morrisville to Siler City and back today.  Five rode the 100K brevet to Pittsboro and back.  It was a beautiful and windy day.

Jayjay and I manned the turnaround checkpoint in Siler City, then drove back to Morrisville for the post-ride picnic.  Here are some random photos from both locations:  [photos]


Dan Poirier said...

I didn't realize randos did lycra.

sag said...

Alas, yes, it is true.

Those of us with t-shirt and shorts fashion sense are in the minority and viewed with suspicion, unless your bike is equipped with friction shifters and flat pedals. :-)


skiffrun said...

Since I know that Andy was counting on me to provide the picnic stats ... ;-) .

verifcation word: "heedgest"

Seems appropriate.