Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day on the Tar Heel 200

This cyclist had a bad day.  (Click for a better view)

In contrast, We had a great day today, May 1st, on the RUSA Tar Heel 200K in eastern NC.  Randos Jayjay, Dean, and I rode from Benson to Tar Heel NC, and back.  Weather was perfect, company was excellent, and we had no mechanicals.  We heard trains nearby all day, and  had visits from only a few dogs.  Even caught this brief video of Randos Jayjay and Dean.  Enjoy


skiffrun said...

Looks like it was fun.

However, sleeping from ~ 0500 until 0809 had its draw.

sag said...

Skiff, if you rode the 400K on Saturday, you're entitled to sleep from Sunday 0500 until Monday 0809.

PS: Be sure to ask Dean or Jayjay how they masterfully handled a squirrel attack.

sowmya said...

This videos includes lot of fun. This post is very much interesting to visit.
Rant about bad day