Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cat Encounters of the First Kind

I had my first encounter with a cat while biking on Tuesday afternoon.  This one completely ignored me as I crossed its path two times, first as I was headed home, then as I circled back for a photo.  Only when I snapped the photo, and the camera made a shutter sound, did the cat look up, hiss aggressively, and run away.



Biker Bob said...

" ... completely ignored me ..." Now if only dogs could act that way, at least toward cyclists.

skiffrun said...

That cat probably wasn't actually ignoring you, only pretending to ignore you, hoping that you'd just go away and leave it in peace.

But, when you kept after as a dog after a cyclist, you finally crossed its "pretend to ignore" boundary, and ... that "hiss" was just its way of letting you know just how inconsiderate you were, probably while thinking "I don't know why this guy complains about "Roscoe", he's no more obnoxious than this guy and his camera.